General Recommendations for Catholics as revealed by Our Lady of Medjugorie through the interior locution of Jelena Vasijl.

1. Renounce all passions and all inordinate desires. Avoid television, particularly evil programs, excessive sports, the unreasonable enjoyment of food and drink, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

2. Abandon yourselves to God without any restrictions.

3. Definitely eliminate all anguish. Whoever abandons himself to God does not have room in his heart for anguish. Difficulties will persist, but they will serve for spiritual growth and will render glory to God.

4. Love your enemies. Banish from your heart hatred, bitterness, preconceived judgements. Pray for your enemies and call the Divine Blessing over them.

5. Fast twice a week on bread and water. Join the group at least once a week.

6. Devote at least three hours to prayer daily, of which at least is half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Holy Mass and the prayer of the Rosary are included in this time of prayer. Set aside moments of prayer in the course of the day, and each time that circumstances permit it, receive Holy Communion. Pray with great meditation. Do not look at your watch all the time, but allow yourself to be lead by the grace of God. Do not concern yourself too much with the things of this world, but entrust all that in prayer to our Heavenly Father. If one is very preoccupied, he will not be able to pray well because internal serenity is lacking. God will contribute to lead to a successful end the things of here below if one strives to work for God's things. () Those who attend school or go to work must pray half an hour in the morning and in the evening, and, if possible, participate in the Eucharist. It is necessary to extend the spirit of prayer to daily work, that is to say, to accompany work with prayer.

7. Be prudent because the devil tempts all those who have made a resolution to consecrate themselves to God, most particularly, those people. He will suggest to them that they are praying too much, they are fasting too much, that they must be like other young people and go in search of pleasures. ()

8. Pray very much for the Bishop and those who hold positions in the Church. No less than half of their prayers and sacrifices must be devoted to this intention. Our Lady of Medjugorie, June 16, 1983. Words from Heaven, P. 343-4.


Last updated: 2001/01/23