'Just how brilliant is God?'
by Anand Singh.

'Just how brilliant is God?', one might ask. If you consider that the universe is made up of matter which at the quantum level  according to scientists consists of particles which have random motion, then one has to ask how is the universe able to exist in
such a uniform and beautiful manner?

Even Einstein was taken aback by this startling conclusion of sub-atomic particle physics. It ran counter to his very famous laws of Physics. The only conclusion is that there is a controlling force which deliberately determines the precise direction each individual particle takes. Furthermore  the nature of this control is undeniably intelligent. An intelligence which is so huge that it goes beyond all imaginable scales. Some scientists are confronted with this element of their research whenever they go beyond the boundaries of existing science. They then conveniently side step this issue because it goes beyond science. Indeed it goes beyond all attempts at its  analysis. This is of course as it should be. Science is a sub-set of total knowledge. It has been given to us to relate to time, space and matter.

The universe according to  science came into being by sheer chance without any intelligent force creating it using a pre-planned design or architecture. To the pure scientist the universe is a haphazard adhoc development. Despite this they say the  universe does follows laws, e.g. physics, etc. There  seems to be  is a certain inconsistency in their argument here.  Why should the universe obey such laws? And why so completely consistently? Surely this refutes any suggestion of events occurring  by
sheer chance or accident.

One may argue that all the Laws which exist also came into being by sheer chance too. This seems a rather desperate avenue of logic to pursue. It does not explain for example why  everything  works so wonderfully throughout the universe as a whole and why it is so beautiful?

This brings one back to the question of Divine genius.  The supreme super-intelligence responsible for creating the universe has also made it  full of wonder and beauty. The creation does not just exist, but has been decorated in a way that cannot  be matched by scientists or artists. A design which allows an infinite range of disciplines. For example there is physics,  biology, chemistry, medicine,  gardening, marketing,  sport, communications, etc. The list is endless.  Also each discipline has  infinite knowledge. No one can exhaust knowledge on just one discipline never mind any others. The human race as a collective
cannot exhaust knowledge even on a small subset of these  disciplines. It is a good thing that we do not have do this to enjoy the genius with which we are being indulged. To appreciate the wonderful creations one only requires an open mind and some down to earth common sense. This too has been built into the nature of the universe. There are those who fail to see the wood from the trees because they have closed their minds and are locked in self-centred pursuit.

So not only are there infinite disciplines which engage our interest, but these interests contain infinite levels to understand also.  There are also of course infinite levels of interactions between these disciplines. Each interaction being a discipline in its own right. There are also multiple interactions ad infinitum.  I think one can begin to form a picture regarding the extent of Divine genius. So not only does our own personal universe exist (e.g. our living thriving planet), but Laws exist to govern the entire universe. Furthermore the universe is a wonderful and beautiful creation. It also contains infinite knowledge and experience of such knowledge. It also never fails to work.  The universe is a perfect creation. It has no waste and is indestructible. We may be able to destroy our planet through our reckless behaviour, however the universe will just mop it all up.

Its design is infinitely robust and will be able to cope in all situations. Indeed the universe is infinite in shape, form and size. It
does not crash out because there is a defect. Even though the universe by design is riddled from top to bottom with imperfections or flaws. Flaws and imperfections which give rise to individuality, uniqueness and opportunity. The scientist whose head may well be stuck in the sand will of course tell you it all exists by sheer chance. Scientists cannot even genuinely recreate random motion. They cannot even simulate it!

Just like its maker, the universe is without beginning nor end and is infinite in every conceivable direction, full of grace and perfection. God's IQ may well be Infinity to the power of Infinity. God of course goes beyond all intelligence.This is the sheer power and magnitude of the universe. Science has only just begun to scratch the surface of this infinite treasure trove. A treasure which points back to its maker in every way imaginable and yet does so without giving the game away. Those with faith leap frog above the scientists, atheists and agnostics of this world. Scientists will search for the answers forever and still get
no closer to the ultimate conclusion of 'Sheer Genius at Work!'

Cheers, Anand

The world is a garden with thick thorns. True  Faith gives you strength to thwart them.

Last updated: 2001/10/31